Top 5 things to buy in Kathmandu 


Nepal is also known for the hand woven Pashminas. This Pashmina products has found to be third largest overseas export in the country along with readymade garment and hand knitted woolen carpet. Nepali Pashmina is a form of handicraft which can be regarded as high quality handmade woolen product with multipurpose usage. The warmth , softness, durability , lightness, finess are the beautiful byproducts of any Pashmina products. The warmth and softiness are the basic qualities on which the pashmina is judged
Pashmina is considered to be the one of the softest, highly delicate and fluffy fibre. Being the most finest natural insulating fibre it is also recognized as the Diamond fibre. Pashmina is the fibre made up with the extract from the Himalayan goat also recognize as Chyangra which live in the himalayan belt at the altitude above 14,000 feet above sea level. This unique coat of hair is about 1/6 th of the diameter of any other types of hair.


2. Khukuri

The Khukuri is the national weapon and utility knife of the Nepalese people, this simple looking blade is considered to be one of the terrifying blade. It holds a unique place in Nepalese culture as more than just an exquisite example of local craftsmanship, or even a symbol of national pride, valor in battle, and personal bravery; although it is all of these things and more.



A thangka is a Tibetan Buddhist painting on cotton, silk etc, usually depicting a Buddhist deity, scene, or mandala.It is an intricate and very detailed painting of different gods and deities. There are countless gods and deities in Tibetan-Buddhism, and therefore, the thangka paintings can illustrate a myriad of different stories. Each one holds its own message and offers its own spiritual benefits for the household in which the painting resides.